MapleStory Guide – Bigfoot

A relatively effective boss included during the Crimsonwood Maintain patch in ’08. A agony of the point to kill, but genuinely not much too challenging when done correct, however; even now a ache.

Boss details: bigfoot can be a very uncomplicated boss, it spawns in about thirteen (roughly) different maps in Crimsonwood Forest. It’s no actual capabilities and nothing at all a great deal to glance out for… apart from its ridiculously high contact harm. This beast will hit you for upwards of 12,000 damage, nevertheless funnily sufficient its magic “stomp” assault is totally harmless. It has several frames where by it truly is “invincible” this means your attacks will miss out on it entirely, annoying, I know, but with that arrives it truly is most significant weak point.

If Bigfoot is pushed to either fringe of the map, and i imply the extremely edge, it will eventually get considerably trapped. After you strike it, it’s going to commence it can be knock back animation (assuming you hit it hard plenty of) that is unusually extensive, once it at last will get more than it, it will be experiencing clear of you; from the monitor. You have about one second listed here to knock it back all over again prior to it arrives stampeding into you. When you retain the knock again it’s going to stay caught, turning it right into a joke of a manager. Helps make it very simple to acquire via its 32,000,000HP. On that take note, in addition, it provides a great deal of EXP thinking about its HP, which makes it a relatively desired manager (primarily for leeching regrettably), apart from that, it’s got no precious drops apart from its toe, utilized for the deputy pendant quest.

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